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Basic Workout To Fit In Anywhere! (NO Equipment Needed)

Warm up

Start with a 3-5 minute warm-up. This can be done on any cardio equipment or with a jump rope or if you don’t have access to any of these, you can simply log in place, alternating between a normal jog, high knees, and butt kicks every 30 seconds. Try adding in jumping jacks just to warm up the upper body as well!

Circuit 1 - Lower Body

(1-2 sets depending on how much time you have)

Squats (10-15reps)

Start with feet hip width apart. As you squat, make sure your feet are hip width apart and keep your feet straight (Keep your weight in your heels). Try to sit back trying to lower your hips down towards the height of your knees, squeeze the glutes and return to the starting position, keeping your core tight and try to keep your body as upright as possible. Make sure your knees DO NOT extend out beyond your toes!

Lateral Lunges (10-15 reps each side)

Standing, step out to the side with your right leg (Keep weight in heels not toes), bend right knee, aiming to get your hips to the height of your knee, left leg stays straight, core tight, make sure knee does not extend beyond the toes, push off right leg and return to stating position and repeat on the other side. Alternate sides until you have completed your reps.

Alternating Reverse Lunges (10-15 reps each leg)

Standing tall, step back behind you with your right leg, bend both knees, aim for 90 degree bends in your knees, making sure the front knee does not extend beyond the toes. Core is tight and back is straight. Step back to starting position and repeat on the other side until all reps are completed.

Plie Squats (15-20 reps)

Standing tall, feet wide (a little wider than hip width apart) toes slightly turned out, weight in heels, slowly lower down into a squat, try bringing your hips down towards the height of your knees, squeeze your glutes and slowly return to the starting position, repeat until desired reps are completed. Keep your core tight and back as straight as possible.

Repeat Circuit 1 as many times as desired

Circuit 2 - Upper Body/Core

Repeat circuit if desired

Push-Ups (10-15 reps)

These can be done on your hands and feet or on your hands and knees. Make sure that you are keeping your core tight and body really straight. Don’t let your butt stick out. When lowering your body, bend elbows to 90 degrees and press back up to your starting position maintaining good form. Repeat for 10-015 reps

Triceps Dips/ Reverse push up (15- 25 reps)

Place hands on a step/bench/chair or floor. Sit on the edge of the chair, bench or step, fingers facing towards your body, grip the edge of the chair/step/bench, feet are hip width apart and extended out in front of you, pushing into the palms, slowly lower your hips to the floor, elbows will bend in a 45-90 degree angle, press into the chair lifting your body back up until the arms are extended straight. Repeat desired number of reps. **If you do not have a bench/step or chair, you can sit on the floor, keep your hands on the floor, from a seated position place your body weight into your hands and feet (feet hip width apart), elevate hips up into a bridge and bend your elbows to a 45-90 degree bend then press back up into your starting position.

Center Plank

Hold in plank position on elbows and feet for 30 seconds, keeping core in very tight, shoulders away from ears, body very straight, looking towards hands, not underneath you.

Plank Shoulder Taps

In a High Plank position on your hands and feet, core in tight, Not looking underneath you, tap your left shoulder with your right hand, your abs are engaged, not letting your body tip side to side, return hand to floor, repeat on other side alternate shoulder taps as fast as you can, aim for 10-15 on each shoulder.

Side Plank Hip Drops (10-15 reps)

On your right side, Right elbow under your shoulder, keep your body straight, top arm raised up towards the sky, eyes looking forward, slowly lower your bottom hip towards the ground and with your core, return to starting position. Repeat for 10-15 reps and then repeat on other side. **If your are not ready for hip drops, just hold a side plank, try to hold it for 15-3- seconds on each side! Then try the drops whenever you are ready!!

Plank Rotations (10-20 reps)

In a high plank position on hands and feet, drive your right knee underneath you towards your left shoulder, rotating your right hip towards the ground (keep your core tight) and then return back to starting plank position, then repeat on the other side. Repeat on alternating sides until desired number of reps are completed.

Circuit 3 - Abdominal/Lower Back Circuit

Repeat circuit if desired

Abdominal Crunches (15-30 reps)

When doing crunches, make sure your feet are hip width apart, hands gently behind your head, make sure you do not pull on your neck, eyes looking up towards the ceiling not at your belly or your knees.

Double Crunches (15-20 reps)

As you crunch up, pull your core in tight, lift hips and knees in towards elbows and slowly return to starting position, repeat for 15-20 reps.

Reverse Crunches/Candlesticks (15 reps)

Laying on your back, legs raised straight up towards the sky, hands by your sides, using your abdominals, try to reach toes up towards the sky, lifting hips up off the ground and slowly return to the starting position.

Lower Back Extensions (15-20 reps)

Laying on your stomach, arms extended out over head, core is tight, raise your upper and lower body up off the ground, reaching through the finger tips and the toes, keeping the shoulders away from your ears, lift up, trying to clear your thighs off the ground, then slowly lower to the starting position and repeat.

Side V-Ups

Laying on your side, body straight, bottom arm/hand extend out in front of you on the ground, top hand is gently behind your head, core is engaged, lift upper and lower body up off the ground squeezing between the ribs and hips and slowly return to starting position, keep core engaged, do not release abdominal muscles at the bottom, repeat desired number of reps then repeat on the other side.

V-ups/Pike Crunches (10-15 reps)

Laying on your back, Legs extended straight out on the floor, arms extended overhead along the floor, engage the abdominals, lifting the upper and lower body up off of the floor into a V position, slowly lower to the ground and repeat desired number of reps. **If your are not ready to lift the upper and lower body up off of the floor, you can do a pike crunch where you will lift the arms and legs straight up into the air, (head and back remain on the ground) keeping the core tight, supporting the lower back and slowly return to the starting position. Make sure your lower back isn’t arching off of the floor, keep your core engaged to support the lower back. If your back starts to arch, keep the legs up a little higher and not lowering them all the way to the ground.

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