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The Balance & Believe Golf Academy is about more than just mechanics. It’s about building balanced players both on and off one and off the golf course. We recognize how important the mechanics are but we  feel being a balanced player will lead to better results as a person.  Golf is an incredible sport and it can teach us something new everyday.  It also provides a platform for new relationships, business deals, charitable work, and an opportunity for the players to give back to the game of golf.

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Our Story

I have been in and around golf my entire life.  I am the son of a PGA professional.  I worked as a caddy on tour. I worked on the other side of the business as a sales rep and club fitter.  I have a received an incredible education from Hazelden as a recovering alcoholic.  It is my belief that by blending all of these experiences I have developed a way for players to develop and achieve any goals in both golf and life.


There is a strategy that I use for putting together how a player should develop. We live in a world that is about speed and distance and then try to figure it out from there.  This is a philosophy for not only the top players. Playing your best in high school, or in the club championship or the State Am or even the husband/wife tournament make up the bulk of golfers.  The tours and the highest levels make up such a small portion of the golfing public why would we intimidate golfers with big words, fancy technology and teaching methods when making the ball go forward and in the air is a huge accomplishment.  Our strategy starts at the green and works backwards towards the tee.  Therefore your journey will begin with putting and end with driving

Golf Instruction


Component training

Component training is the primary tool

of the Balance & Believe philosophy. Component training selects the most important/relevant components of students' goals and lives and forces them to evaluate those categories honestly to scale. When students have reason to believe an area of their lives is below another, we hold the belief that it will affect their balance and therefore their overall performance.


fitness &


At Balance and Believe, we feel that a balanced approach to all components including fitness and nutrition are critical to reach optimal performance.  We offer fitness and nutrition membership plans and suggested meals and exercises--both traditional and golf-specific.

Gym Equipments
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Recommended Schedules

We are happy to provide our clients with suggested practice schedules to keep their skills sharp.  We also have a list of tournaments we recommend.  Click below for the current schedule.


club fitting

We are excited to offer you the latest in equipment from Callaway Golf,  the most innovative equipment manufacturer on the market. Additionally, we have the latest Trackman radar technology to  Our Certified Callaway Fitters are prepared to help you find more distance, hit straighter shots, and have more fun on the golf course.


B&B 36 Program

The idea behind Balance & Believe 36 is for Junior Golfers to have one simple goal: shoot 36. The only competition is yourself, and once you accomplish this goal, you Level Up.


Our Instructors