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College Golf Preparation

Find Your Perfect Fit

To play golf at the collegiate level, athletes need to embody the philosophies we teach at Balance and Believe. Learning skills like time management, organization, and prioritization are all important components that college athletes need to learn to balance. Playing competitive golf at a high level, like collegiate golf, also requires massive amounts of belief in your abilities and skill. At Balance and Believe, we always do our best to help ours students find the perfect fit for playing golf at the collegiate level. 

Our Story 


Along with helping our students sharpen their skills on the golf course, our very own Zach Gaugert also specializes in helping students find their perfect fit when it comes to playing collegiate golf.  Zach has been a part of the Balance & Believe family from inception as one of Derek's first students. After a stellar junior career, he attended Marquette University to further his education and play college golf at the highest level.


After graduating in 2016 with a degree in Entrepreneurship, Zach chose to make a run at making the PGA Tour. He spent over 5 years playing professionally on different Tours around the country before finding his true passion in teaching. If you are looking to play college golf, Zach has the tools and connections to help find a place where you will truly thrive in golf, school, and life.

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Our students work with Zach to highlight the most important components of their life they feel will be an asset to any program and school. Focusing on education, golf, and community service are cornerstones of what we teach and also traits college programs are looking for.

Score Templates

Focusing on your performance on the golf course is an important part of showing you have the capabilities to play competitive golf at a high level. We will work together to build an appealing resume highlighting tournament results and how you stack up against different levels of competition.

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Video Analysis

While collegiate coaches hone in on potential recruits and often come watch them play, most coaches like to see the fundamentals a recruit possesses before coming to watch them in person. We will take high definition videos with voice overs from instructors focusing on the fundamentals our students focus on, what type of shots they have in their arsenal, and how they navigate the golf course.

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