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Healthy Snacks on the Golf Course

Healthy snacks to eat during your round of golf

1. Almonds/Nuts

Good protein, fat and low sugar. Keeps you full without the crash of a sugary snack! You can look for single serving packages of almonds or mixed nuts.

2. Protein shakes

Premade protein shakes are a great option. Or bring a single portion of protein powder and pour it into your water bottle. Protein shakes are filled with protein, small amount of carbs for energy and are usually low-fat. Can also serve as a meal replacement if needed.

3. Beef Jerky

Great snack for on the go! High amounts of protein and low carb! Look for locally grown and grass fed.

4. Protein bars/ Energy Bars

These bars can be a great option for both on the golf course and off the golf course. Watch out for bars that are packed with sugar as they can be just like eating a candy bar. Brands to look for…..KIND bars, Quest bars, RX bars, Go Macro bars, Perfect Bars,

Clif bars (Clif Builder bars have more protein, some clif bars have a higher number of carbs). There is a large market out there for bars, you are certain to find one that fits your nutritional needs! Look for bars with the least amount of ingredients, ideally made from real food!

5. Granola Bars

Similar to protein bars, but usually contain a higher number of carbs/sugar so check nutrition labels. Carbs are great for energy but look for bars that have a low sugar content so you don’t crash during your round! Here are a few options with solid nutrition profiles, KIND breakfast bars or protein bars, Core Bars, Chia Bars, Purely Elizabeth Bars, Kashi Bars, Lara Bars

6. Cheese Sticks

String cheese or a regular cheese stick is a great snack, pair with some fruit for a well balanced snack!

7. Trail Mix

This is a great snack, especially because you can make your own mix and control what you put in it. Try mixing a few different nuts (almonds, shelled pistachios, walnuts, macadamia nuts, peanuts) with a few craisins or raisins (not too many due to sugar content) you can also adda small amount of chocolate chips if you’d like.

8. Protein Balls/Protein Bites

(Oats/PB/Honey/Choc. Chips(or craisins)/Flax seeds/chia seeds)-These are a great option as you can bring along as many as you’d like, made from real food so you know exactly what you are eating!

9. Protein Muffins

Protein muffins a re a great way to start your day or bring along with you for a snack, a healthy source of protein and lower carbs than a traditional muffin. Again, it is important to eat whole foods so you know exactly what you are putting into your body.

10. Electrolytes

Avoid electrolyte drinks that are filled with sugar, good options would be- LMNT Electrolyte drink mix, Nuun Electrolyte tablets, Gatorade Zero- has the amount of electrolytes and zero sugar! Be sure to keep hydrated while you are on the course, but avoid sugary drinks and avoid caffeine.

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