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B&B 36

Finding Purpose and Community Through Golf

The idea behind Balance & Believe 36 is for Junior Golfers to have one simple goal: shoot 36. The only competition is yourself, and once you accomplish this goal, you Level Up. Every time a student Levels Up, a $5 donation will be made to the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin by the Balance & Believe Foundation! The Wisconsin PGA Junior Tour and Callaway have agreed to also match every $5 donation with a donation of their own, meaning each time a student Levels Up, a $15 donation in total will be made!

Kids for Hope

2021 brings a new flavor created by B&B’s children’s leadership group called “Kids for Hope”.  This year they introduce a development program that covers everything golf has to offer.  New friends.  New challenges.  New ways to develop. New ways to think and get involved.  Only this time it’s all about the kids getting involved for their own future.

This year B&B has programs going on all over the state.  It’s starts with our youngest and the B&B 36 charitable golf program.  That’s right.  All the programs B&B offers have a charitable aspect attached to development.  Who’s the best and who’s winning is irrelevant.  This program is about the development of the player both on and off the golf course.

Balance & Believe has events throughout the year to raise money.  This money is then given to the B&B Junior Board as they try and make a better future for themselves.  The journey starts in the beginning of every golf season.  And with the start of every golf season comes another building block in development.  The cool part is that there is never an end to the journey can take you on.  But the “Kids for Hope” journey ends your senior year when two $10,000 scholarships are awarded at B&B’s signature junior events.

Sherri Steinhauer Invitational


The Sherri Steinhauer Invitational started in 2011.  Now it has grown the largest junior girls tournament in the state of Wisconsin.  This year we are adding college level women as well to try and make it even bigger.  This tournament has gotten so big it has been recognized nationally by the AJGA and is considered a 4 star event.  Sherri attends every tournament to chat it up with all the young ladies and help them along in their journey.  On the final day of the tournament the Lauren Shorter Scholarship($10,000) is awarded.  Please see Lauren’s story and the criteria she has for selecting the recipient.



Mike Schnarr Invitational

New for this year is the originator of the Wisconsin State Junior Tour.  Over the years it has become one of the most recognized tours in the country.  This end of the year Major is a perfect way for the boys season quiet down into the offseason.  On the final day of this tournament the MIke Schnarr Scholarship($10,000) will be awarded to recipient meeting the criteria of the scholarship.

Junior Golf Development Program

B&B 36 is a junior golf development program for ages 7-12. This program is offered at Blackhawk Country Club, Pleasant View, Lake Ripley, Glen Erin, Janesville CC, and Janesville Riverside.  The program comes with one hour of instruction followed by nine holes on the golf course.  The instruction features B&B teachers and past students that are now playing college golf.  The format is to reduce cut throat competition that leads to anxiety, frustrations, and disappointment. 


This development program is designed to be in competition for yourself.  The goal of the program is to shoot 36 or below from designated distances relevant to the players score and/or skill level.  Each player will play nine holes from the same distance on each hole.  We start at 25 yards.  The goal is to shoot 36 or under on those nine holes.  If the player does so he/or she passes to the next level which is nine holes with a length of 50 yards on each hole.  When a player passes a level the magic happens. 


Balance & Believe will make a donation in the name of the player to a charitable cause designated by the “Kids for Hope” junior board.  Each week players will be playing in their respected junior program.  After the week is completed B&B will tally up all the names that passed a level and the total amount of money raised will be communicated back the group via website/social media.

B&B 36 Levels

Level 1

Color Designation: Red

The student must shoot 36 on a course playing 225 yards (9 Holes at 25 Yards each). The student must demonstrate an understanding of proper Stance, Posture, and Alignment.

Level 5

Color Designation: Green

The student must shoot 36 on a course playing 1350 yards (9 Holes at 150 Yards each). The student must demonstrate an understanding of different Ball Positions.

Level 2

Color Designation: Blue

The student must shoot 36 on a course playing 450 yards (9 Holes at 50 Yards each). The student must demonstrate an understanding of the proper Grip.

Level 6

Color designation: Black

The student must shoot 36 on a course playing 1800 yards (9 Holes at 200 Yards each). The student must  demonstrate an understanding of Bunker Shot Technique.

Level 3

Color Designation: Yellow

The student must shoot 36 on a course playing 675 yards (9 Holes at 75 Yards each). The student must demonstrate basic Chipping/Pitching Motions/Skills.

Level 7

Color Designation: Purple

The student must shoot 36 on a course playing 2250 yards (9 Holes at 250 Yards each). The student must demonstrate an understanding of Ball Flight Laws/Shot Shaping.

Level 4

Color Designation: White

The student must shoot 36 on a course playing 900 yards (9 Holes at 100 Yards each). The student must demonstrate understanding of proper Club Selection.

Junior Elite

Junior Elite is a program that is taught by the best instructors in the area. Once a student has passed all of the levels, the student gets 2 hours of practice time both on and off the golf course for 10 weeks. This is where we will introduce the Balance & Believe Performance Philosophy.

B&B Tournament Series for Charity

Years ago, I started the Bucket of Hope Junior Tour(BOHTour).  I wanted a tour that I could walk around at and help the players while they were playing.  I then wanted it to mean something more than just playing golf.  I thought with our youth it would be fun to try and raise some money for different causes throughout the community.  I reached out to all the golf professionals around Dane County and over night the tour was born.  Our mission was to “promote junior golf while rising money for the community”.  Golf had fallen to a back page sport and that was unacceptable to me.  I thought if I blended the two, golf and community we might get some attention.  The tour so fast that the Wisconsin PGA contacted me about adopting my tour which at the time made a lot of sense.  Now the BOHTour exists within the Wisconsin Junior Tour.  Below you can see the 2021 schedule.  Originally every golf course was donated for the tournaments.  We charged $50.  Our responsibility at each tournament was to pay for lunch for each participant and the remaining proceeds came back to the foundation.  At the conclusion of each event there would be charitable ideas submitted by the players into the bucket of hope.  One idea would be pulled out of the bucket and all the remaining proceeds went to that cause.  It pretty much works that way now but the bucket and submitted ideas has gone away(for no real reason) and now it is just a lump sum for the “Kids for Hope” to make a decision on who to help.


This year I want to make a change to have this tournament series be developmental just like B&B 36.  There is a new development scale(very much like the handicap system) placed right on top of the current tour.  This development scale does not focus on winning or the best players.  The development scale is about being competitive with yourself. Please see below.


Level 1 0-3

Level 2 4-6

Level 3 7-9

Level 4 10-12

Level 5 13-15

Level 6 16-18

Level 7 19-21

Level 8 22-24

Level 9 25-27

Level 10 28+


Example: Player A plays in the first designated event and shoots 90 on a par 72. 

This score would put the player in Level 6(16-18 our version of a handicap).  In the next designated event Player A shoots 87.  Player A has passed out of Level 7 and is now in Level 6.  This is where the magic happens.  For every level a player passes the Balance & Believe Foundation will donate a specified dollar amount in Player A’s name to the charity designated by the Junior Board.  The more levels a player passes the more money that will donated in the player’s name.  With 100 players participating in each event the amount of money can be significant. 


This format also allows for the players to move up and play with other players of similar skill level.  This way the development is about passing levels and not about winning or how the players do in comparison to other players.  This is an individual competition with themselves.  It also takes the focus off the best players because the levels that they can pass will be limited due to the fact that they are already in a high level.


Hope for Kids Charity Golf Tournament

August 23rd, 2021


Balance & Believe and the MACC Fund have partnered in the battle against childhood cancer.  The MACC Fund stands for Midwest Athletes against Childhood Cancer and is a pillar in the Milwaukee communities.  With their new commitment to the Carbone Cancer Center they are trying to make a name for themselves in the states capitol.  Balance & Believe plus the MACC Fund has found a home at Blackhawk Country Club to host its biggest Madison fundraiser through the game of golf.  Blackhawk is now the host site for “Kids For Hope”.  We think this tournament could become one of the most recognized golf tournaments in the city and plan to pour all of our efforts into making this something everyone will know about.

Participating Golf Courses

B&B 36 At Blackhawk Country Club







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