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Longest Day of Golf

Our signature fundraising event. Sun up to sun down, playing as many holes as you can. Find four junior golfers or college players to play as a foursome.
Longest Day of Golf

Time & Location

Time is TBD
Location is TBD

About the Event

Each player must be 16 because each player gets their own cart.  Each player also gets a blow horn to let golfers know they are coming through and to take cover.  Golf shop will make sure everybody that tees off knows that this event is taking place.  Once you have the players get your current junior program to start raising money.  The juniors do this by getting people to donate a certain amount of money for each hole played.  Example, John Smith donates 50 cents a hole.  The foursome plays 200 holes, John Smith donates $100.  Things can really add up.  Have a simple goal of getting enough donations to total $100 a hole.  Balance & Believe is set up as a 501c3.  All donations are paid to the foundation.  This allows for a tax exemption.  Balance & Believe will then turn around and fund the courses B&B 36 Junior Development Program.  Each junior program will attach themselves to a charitable cause within the community.  Balance & Believe already has partnerships with charities and each program is more than welcome to get on board with any of them.

All proceeds from each course will go through the B&B Foundation.  B&B will payout 70% of the proceeds back to the course that hosts the event.  If a course brings in $20,000, $14,000 would be available for the B&B 36 Junior Program and their money would be designated for a charity of their choice or one on the list provided by B&B.

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